Inflatable Dinosaurs You Will Love

There’s nothing better than an inflatable T Rex or a Brontosaurus if your kids are really into dinosaurs. These blow up toys are great fun and incredibly cheap and just their sheer size makes them awesome fun to play with and throw around.

Inflatabel dinosaur chasing a child
Inflatable Dinosaur! CC-BY-SA 2.0 Henry Burrows @ Flickr

Inflatable Dinosaurs at The Beach

Inflatable toys are all the rage, whether they are going to play with them in the back garden, in their bedroom or out on the beach in the summer. They make great fun toys for playing in the sea (always under supervision, of course) and they make it an easy way to find your pitch back on the beach if Dino the Stegosaurus is camping next to your beach towel.


Cheap Inflatable Dinosaur – So Much Fun For So Little Cost

Ranging in price from a couple of measly pounds up to 10 pounds or so for the more intricate and better made models, inflatable dinosaurs are a fantastic way to put a smile on your kid’s face without breaking the bank.


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With this year’s release of the new Jurassic Park movie, dinosaurs are going to be the favourites on the menu this year again when it comes to toys, games and clothing that kids really get into.

Every little boy and many little girls love dinosaurs as soon as they learn about these monsters of the Jurassic age. I think it’s a mixture of their frightening power but also the sheer numbers of species of dinosaur that make them fascinating from the smaller, tactical but vicious Velociraptor to the huge bounding yet seemingly docile and friendly Diplodocus, there’s a dinosaur out there for any kid to love. That’s partly why they make such good toys because when you play with them you can take on all kinds of mannerisms and characters.

There are a wide variety of model and toy dinosaurs if you look around the site here, from small plastic, but finely detailed models to big robotic toys like the Zoomer Dino Boomer, an incredible electronic dinosaur that zooms around on wheels, talks, flicks its tail and chomps its mouth. That said, there’s always a place for a big bouncing inflatable dinosaur in any kid’s bedroom. They’ll often name them and get attached to them like it’s their best friend.


Huge 6Ft Inflatable Dinosaur

So, if you’re looking for an inexpensive dinosaur-themed gift for a kid or you want the latest in inflatable chic for the beach then look no further than an awesome inflatable dinosaur to keep you company or to keep enemies at bay!

You can grab the big monster inflatable dinosaur in the above picture for around 25 Quid Here

If you’re still in the mood for some dinosaur fun – check out the Jurassic World Trailer – set to hit the cinemas 12th June. It’s looking really awesome!

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