Dinosaur Stocking Filler Ideas

Awesome Dinosaur Stocking Filler Ideas

It’s those small things that can make Christmas really special and getting fun-sized little stocking filler presents is no exception. What your kids get in their stockings can always kick Christmas morning off with some excitement if you’ve given a little bit of thought to those pre-main present gifts. It might also get you a couple of hours extra in bed if your selection is especially good. Here’s a few ideas if you’ve been searching for some dinosaur-themed stocking fillers to start Christmas Day off with a Roar:

Hatch-em Hatching Dinosaur Egg

These little hatching dinosaur eggs make the perfect small Christmas gift for any girls and boys who want to wake up on Christmas morning to something exciting and Jurassic World-themed in their santa stocking.

Dinosaur hatching egg stocking filler
Dinosaur Hatching Egg

Coming In at under a fiver, your kids can put these little dinosaur egg toys in some water and after a few hours they will start to hatch. The hatching process takes between 12 hours and 48 hours. Firstly, the egg will start to split and crack open – just like a real dinosaur egg in a nest – and then, maybe a day and a half to 2 days later, the dinosaur will fully hatch out of the egg, giving a nice bonus toy dinosaur long after most of the excitement of getting presents is already starting to wane.
Qualifies for free delivery in the UK if you spend over £20.

Grab Your Hatching Dinosaur Eggs Here

Stretchosaurus – Stretchy Dinosaurs

These stretchy mini dinosaurs make brilliant value as stocking fillers, again coming in at under £4 for twenty of the stretchy little critters – these are a real deal for Christmas or party bags.

Stretchosaurus stretchy dinosaurs for parties
Stretchosaurus Stretchy Dinosaurs

Considering they feel so squidgy, they actually are pretty durable and can take a lot of pulling and stretching – they even stick to the ceiling and walls if thrown, which is great fun for kids but be aware that they may drop on your head out-of-the-blue at any moment!
Another nice time for them to be played with is in the bath or I even have a friend who used them when the kids were “cooking” dinosaur eggs at school.

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Dinosaur Colouring Set

I know it’s always those little bargains that usually make the best stocking toys, especially if you can get a few hours use out of it and the Dinosaur Colouring Set with pencils, 8 colouring pages and re-usable stickers is no exception, coming in at a sweet price of under £2.

Dinosaur Colouring Set Stocking Filler
Dinosaur Colouring Set

These are a great value for money deal especially for the child who loves both dinosaurs and colouring in. The dino stickers are an added bonus really and at this price make a brilliant gift from Santa while keeping your kid happy and amused while you get on with the Christmas dinner!

Cheap Dinosaur Colouring Sets Available Here

3D Dinosaur Puzzle

For the curious child and Jurassic connoisseur, these small 3D Dinosaur puzzles make a lovely present that will keep them occupied for a little while.

3D Dinosaur Puzzle Stocking Filler
3D Dinosaur Puzzle

Easy to fit into the Santa Sock and at an easily affordable price, these small colourful, cardboard interlocking dinosaurs are fun to work out how to put them together. And then you get to play with them.
They come number-coded for relatively easy assembly for kids right down to 3 years of age.

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Dinosaur Projection Torch

This is a simple stocking filler idea, and similar to the old torches that we would shine images on the walls when we were kids.

Dinosaur Projector Torch Stocking Filler
Dinosaur Projector Torch

Aside from the dinosaur discs that allow the beam to project 24 dinosaur pictures on the wall including the classic T-Rex, Triceratops and Stegasaurus as well as Pterodactyls, Velociraptors and other favourites, inquisitive kids love torches anyway and so this doubles up as a decent present even if the novelty of the dinosaur pics wears off.

At under a fiver for a small torch present for a Christmas stocking, this is a great deal and will keep them happy playing for quite some time. It’s a decent size and easy to use for most kids and the dinosaur theme is an added bonus when movies like Jurassic World and The Good Dinosaur have been so popular with our youngsters. Just remember to have some batteries at hand.

Jurassic Dinosaur Torch Projectors Available Here

Inflatable Dinosaurs

These are a great fun monster-themed present that will easily fit into the Christmas stocking as it comes flat-packed and compressed yet will blow up to a massive 76cm when blown up.

Inflatable Dinosaur Stocking Filler
Inflatable Dinosaur

This can be easily done by an adult or using a bike pump. These inflatable dinosaurs are sturdy and won’t burst easily and are great for bashing around a room without damaging anything or other kids. (I’d be careful around the best China, though). They also make a great toy for the garden, as a punch-bag or for swimming in a pool or at the seaside, so really, an all-the-year-round dinosaur themed present that can be used in all kinds of play activities or can just sit alongside their other favourite dinosaur toys in their room.

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Dinosaurs Top Trumps Cards

Even as parents, we all loved Top Trumps cards when we were kids. Remember playing this game in the playgroundwith your favourite, planes, cars, Super-Heroes, or my favourite – Horror characters.

Dinosaurs Top Trumps Stocking Filler
Dinosaurs Top Trumps

Well, now there is a new, improved Top Trump Dinosaur Card Game that your kids will love and play for hours on end, especially if they have been fans of all things Dino. Coming in at under £4, these gaming cards, based on the animals’ top statistics will make an awesome Christmas Sock, stocking or pillowcase filler, packing plenty of fun-to-size value.

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Dinosaur Gliders

If you’re looking for a really cheap way to brighten up any kid’s day and you want to get them something with a dinosaur theme but also has a lot of playability, then these Dinosaur gliders are probably the way to go.

Dinosaur Gliders Stocking Filler
Dinosaur Gliders

With a cost of only about a Pound each, these Dinosaur planes will keep them busy for hours whether they’re outside in the garden, out at the park or just throwing them around indoors.

Of course, these colourful dino gliders are only made of polystyrene so they are not going to last forever, but if you need a dino-themed stocking filler or just a quick, cheap present that is awesome to play with, these may be just the ticket.

Also, these make a fantastic present for kid’s party bags (and have been the highlight at my kids’ parties especially because they actually work as gliders!) and you get 12 per pack for your money. Excellent gift for birthday or Christmas parties and/or stockings.

Dinosaur Gliders For Parties and Christmas Stockings Here

If you’re looking for bigger presents in the Dinosaur theme or want to go a bit more expensive or high-tech, you should check out this article about some of the best Robot Dinosaur Toys money can buy in 2015.


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