The Top Robot Dinosaur Toys for 2015

Here’s a showcase and reviews of some of the very best Robotic Dinosaur Toys – walking, talking, flashing, moving and remote controlled dinosaurs for 2015. Any dinosaur-obsessed kids will love any one of these on this year’s Christmas or Birthday list!

Zoomer Dino Boomer

This self-balancing prehistoric T-Rex robot dinosaur toy has been a favourite for a couple of years but is still one of the best interactive robotic dino toys out there, in my opinion.

Robotic Dinosaur Toy Zoomer
Zoomer Robot Dinosaur

What’s so good about this toy is the fact that it has many modes or play options. First, and most importantly, this dinosaur can be either controlled by remote controller pad, i.e. it can be driven around and made to act out dinosaur moves like speaking, tail thrashing, zooming about and chomping its massive jaws. It will also react to external stimuli through use of its sensors such as pulling of its tail or pushing its nose away.

Alternatively, the dinosaur can act autonomously and will respond to external stimuli, interact with touch, change its eye colour depending on its mood and generally rampage around on its self-balancing wheels like any great robotic dinosaur pet should! In this mode it is just as fascinating to watch as to play around with it and even as a parent I could watch its antics for days.

Even in autonomous mode, the Zoomer dinosaur can change between “angry” mode, flashing its eyes red, roaring and chomping its jaws in defiance or the more interesting “curious” mode with its eyes turning blue and interacting gently with your hand or snuggling up to you and making cute sounds. Pull his tail and he’ll get a bit mad and make all sorts of noises while spinning and trying to escape. It’s the unexpected reactions and moves of this dinosaur that give him a real charm that provides long-lasting entertainment value. It’s definitely well worth reading the instruction manual for Zoomer Dino Boomer before starting him up so that you get a feel for his modes and what he is capable of otherwise you are going to be in for a lot of trial and error in getting the best out of this robot toy.

Kids and parents alike will get many hours of fun out of this toy, whether it’s learning the nuances of his subtle interactions or simply racing him around the kitchen floor after other dinosaurs. Get a couple of them together and kids will be thrilled for as long as the batteries last. It’s worth noting here that Boomer does not work at all well on very soft, springy carpets so if you want to get the best value out of this Dinosaur robot toy, you’ll need a flat surface for him to roll along or a shallow pile, hard-surfaced carpet or rug.

Considering the price and how relatively small this robo Dino is, he packs a punch when it comes to features, performance, durability and all around playability. To get this much clever technology packed into a toy at this price point is almost unheard of until Zoomer put this killer dinosaur out.

Check out this great video review which shows off most of the Dino Boomer’s features.


Zoomer Dino Boomer can be bought for under £60 and is incredibly good value for money for a small robot toy.

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Dinosaur Train Boris or Buddy T-Rex Interactive Talking Dinosaur

Perhaps for the younger child or toddler, The Boris Interactive Dinosaur Toy from the Dinosaur Train franchise is a fantastically playable interactive model dinosaur which you can manipulate to move around and with plenty of sounds from being funny to roaring angrily – it will also educate your kids with knowledgeable spoken facts about dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Train Boris Interactive Toys
Dinosaur Train Interactive Toys

Buddy, like his friend Boris is a T-Rex, of course and his monstrous real life size is truly reflected in this model which seems huge to a toddler and in terms of sheer size beats most of the interactive electronic dinosaur toys available hands down. You get plenty of size for your small amount of money with this interactive toy.

Although not a true robot, there is plenty to do with Boris the Tyrannosaurus Rex from the famous TV shows, as you can make him chomp or roar with interactive buttons and movable back, jaws and tail parts.

A great feature that they’ve incorporated in the manufacture of this range of Dinosaur Train toys is the fact that each one can interact with others from the series, hence making the toys something that you will want to collect so that Boris will talk to Tank the Triceratops, for example. Also available are smaller models of Tiny Pteranodon, Buddy, Dolores, Mr Conductor, Ned (Brachiosaurus) and Shiny – all of whom can talk together and interact, even having roaring competitions together!

This is a great value for money moving toy dinosaur for kids and grandchildren who generally seem to love their huge size, interactivity and long-lasting play value. Of course, the fantastic noises could drive some parents up the wall – but it’s a great present for any little ones who enjoyed the Jim Henson TV series and the voices and characters remain true to the show.

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Dinosaur Train Dino Toy Video Review:

Mighty Megasaur Range of Electronic Walking Dinosaurs

The Mighty Megasaur range of electronic robot and remote controlled dinosaurs really are great value for the price and quality of build as well as the features you’re getting for your money.

Megasaur Electronic Dinosaurs
Mighty Megasaur Dinosaur Range

Coming in a number of species of dinosaur from T-Rex and Velociraptor to Triceratops and also incorporating both autonomous movement and remote-controlled movement, these dinosaur robots feature great lights, sounds and movement.

Walking on track-wheels under their feet, the lumbering gait is realistic, as are the head movements, guttural roars and foot-thumping footfall sounds – the sort of sounds your kids will have heard in any decent dinosaur movie such as the Jurassic Park franchise.

You’ll end up paying up to a tenner more for the remote controlled variety, but both kinds available will put you back no more than £20 for a walking, moving scary model, with flashing-light eyes up to a maximum £30 for the remote controlled type.

These toys are suitable for dinosaur obsessed two year old toddlers upwards (under parental supervision) although some toddlers might be wary at first until they get used to how the dinosaurs move and the sounds they make (as the roars can seem very loud at first).

If you’re looking for a durable, scary model electronic dinosaur toy at an affordable price, whether for Birthdays or Christmas presents, these will fit the bill, especially for any smaller kids looking for a generic dinosaur toy rather than something especially from the Dinosaur Train or Jurassic World franchises.

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Might Megasaur Video of Features:

Miposaur and Trackball Robot Dinosaur from WowWee

This is definitely up at the higher cost end of the market when it comes to a toy robot dinosaur but this really does some clever stuff that will impress both kids and adults alike and is more akin to owning your own mini electronic dinosaur pet. Not to missed off your Christmas list for 2015!

This dinosaur, like quite a few of them out there now, uses self-balancing gyroscopic tech to propel itself around on two wheels somewhat akin to a Segway, enabling it to move and turn quickly and even spin 360 degrees in place without falling down. This allows for plenty of game modes when used in conjunction with its other sensor tech which the manufacturers call “gesture sense”. You can use your hands or other objects to influence its movement whether that is looking left or right, sitting back or forwards or dancing around in circles.

The clever use of software and sensor technology allows the Miposaur to exhibit its prowess as a moody and versatile creature that can react with tail swishes, roars and other sounds and intricate movements including dancing, being aggressive or being more passive.

When you add in the fact that this pet dinosaur can be controlled by your favourite gadget via an app and the trackball technology that comes with it (where the dino can be put in “follow” mode or can chase the ball around – even playing football with you) and you have a small clever electronic dinosaur that is incredibly lovable and holds your attention with its charm for far longer than many other robotic toys out there.

Coming in at under £100 – the Miposaur takes the robotic dinosaur toy into new territory and will provide many hours of fun for all the family.

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You can check out all the features of the smart Miposaur and trackball on this video:









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